How to pronounce Qatar |  CNN Travel

How to pronounce Qatar | CNN Travel

(CNN) – starting World Cup 2022 in Qatar It can additionally launch one other intense worldwide sport: the phrase “Qatar”.

For Arabic audio system and audio system of comparable languages, naming this yr’s World Cup host is a no brainer. Nevertheless, for English audio system, it’s one tough letter after one other. It’s because even the phrase Qatar is a romanized model of the unique Arabic Diameter , which signifies that each letter isn’t fairly what it appears. Let’s do our greatest to search out out.

How do you say “Qatar” like a local speaker

Audio system of American English often say “kuh-TAR” with an emphasis on the second syllable, which seems like “tar.”

Audio system of British English add an “a” sound that is extra equal to “cat,” and provides equal weight to the 2 syllables.

Nevertheless, the English pronunciation is barely an approximation of the Arabic pronunciation, which makes use of a fuller sound for ‘q’, an acute ‘t’ and a roll over the ultimate letter ‘r’.

She defined that “the Arabic phrase for ‘Qatar’ truly consists of solely three letters: Qaf, Al-Za, and Al-Ra.” These letters are romanized as q, t and r, respectively. Sadly, none of them have an English equal.

  • Qaf (s): “This is likely one of the most tough sounds for English audio system to make,” says Abdel Hamid. “To be taught this sound, we advocate college students put water of their mouths and use the again of their throat to stop swallowing. That is the way you get that guttural sound.” The ensuing sound is someplace between the letters “g” and “okay” in English.
  • ā (i): Abu al-Hamid describes this sound as an English “t” with a fuller tongue. When saying the letter “t” in English, you’ll discover your tongue bumping behind your entrance tooth. “The ta sound is made far again, and your tongue hits the roof of your mouth,” she says.
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